Forks! 🍴🍴 Beginner chess tactic explained!

Forks are a common chess tactic where one piece attacks two pieces at the same time. There are pawn forks, knight forks, and forks with all the pieces, even the king. Forks are very common throughout the phases of a chess game, opening, middle game, and endgame. It’s worth taking the time to understand forks and practice recognizing them so you don’t miss opportunities in your games. Beginners should definitely learn this important chess concept.

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  1. This guy getting into the world of short videos 😄

    That fork using the king mostly happens in the end game wich reminds you to always pay attention even if you have more strong pieces than your opponent

  2. Almost noone misses forks tho,not even complete begginers,or even people who just straight up dont play chess

  3. Youre way better than any other channel I've seen for chess. They mostly talk about computer generated move sequences that do not work if the opponent doesn't do exactly what they outline. It's a waste and it's memorizing sequences instead of training oneself to see and think better. I'm actually really learning from you though.

  4. Second position is impossible
    How rooks can be out of their places without moving pawns😂😂

  5. Forks are powerful because if you move one of the attacked pieces the other will get taken

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