Magnus Carlsen Brilliant Chess Move Sequence #agadmator #chess #gothamchess #magnuscarlsen #hikaru

Gonna try to upload some more chess shorts, whether its my making videos about chess openings, speed chess, chess tactics, chess puzzles, or anything, I’m just excited to expand the channel. I see channels like Gothamchess, agadmator, Hikaru or Magnus Carlsen and It makes me wanna make chess content even more. Check out, Coffee Chess, Chess Nerd, ChessBrah, Chess 24, Eric Rosen, the botez sisters and Daniel Naroditsky for more high quality chess content! Just a man on a mission to beat stockfish one brilliant chess move at a time! #chess #chessopenings #gothamchess #agadmator #hikaru #magnuscarlsen #chesstips #chesstricks #checkmate #stockfish


  1. In my opinion I think bishop H6# is a better mate instead of taking the rook and promoting

  2. Knight takes e6 works too right? Followed by bishop takes then queen sac n mate next turn?

  3. You just have to have awareness of the lines like a grid and have maximum mental awareness of future positions as the grid morphs .After you master the grid ; which is actually easy,it just a matter of applying it to every piece.

  4. This was after his world chess championship, he played as Dr championstien. in bullet, Lichess titled Arena against Andrew tang.

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