The MOST Common Mistake Beginners Make #Shorts

Are you making this mistake that most beginner chess players make? Do NOT do this!!

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In this short video, GM Igor Smirnov will show you the most common mistake amateur chess players make in their games.

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  1. I've looked at this position with an analysis engine and while it does show that you are correct, it is better to pull back the bishop, the point value of pullig back vs capturing the knight is only very slight. But I do like the idea of short videos such as this one that makes one point at a time.

  2. As fisher said Knight is 3 points while bishops is 3.5 bishops are superior in open position.

  3. Lol , u can trade your bishops if position is closed and u can counter act ur bishop with pawns because the colour of the square knight controls can be chnged but bishop is stuck on same colour

  4. People who go through Kim Kadarshian's insta posts and use them as an example may be wise and that's why we call it an exception 🤭

  5. And I love and remember your recommendation in almost 10 years ago (29 JAN. 2012) that you said " To take is a mistake"

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