What is the Evan’s Gambit in Chess?

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  1. Draw C3 Ba5 d4 that's a wrong moves before after the castle because context D4 then C3 phone will be Pind then first Castle

  2. I was a good chess player when i was young but i stopped playing as i grew older. Your videos really inspired me to get back on the game. Love you bro.
    Also, I'm learning new things from your videos. Keep it up!

  3. It was my favorite weapon but now after becoming 2000 rated I switched to the Gioco Pansimo

  4. Wrong, instead of going for the d4 center control, you castel rooks side, then start the d4 pressure

  5. Fun fact: the evens gambit is considered to alpha zero (the same bot that beat stockfish) says evans gambit is the best opening

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